Treating Demodex Naturally

I had been trying to treat my boy’s Demodex condition for several months using vet prescribed chemical treatments. The condition just got worse each week. After turning to a natural home-made remedy, there was huge improvement after only 1 week. In 8 weeks it was visibly cleared.

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Why vaccinate if they’re already immune?

Annual booster vaccinations in our dogs have been the norm for decades. Any responsible dog owner will surely take their dog to the vets year after year for its annual booster. But are we vaccinating unnecessarily? vaccineAre we putting our beloved dog’s health more at risk than we are protecting them? With increasing evidence of vaccines causing health issues, a growing number of pet owners are turning to titer testing their pets rather than simply vaccinating every year.
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Worm Testing Your Dog At Home

IMG_5769Many breeders and pet owners like myself are moving away from chemical worm and flea treatment and are turning to a more natural approach to eradicating parasites.  The over-use of worming drugs increases the speed at which parasites will develop resistance to the drugs.  So, being able to test your dogs for worms at home is an excellent skill to have and can save you quite some money in the long run. Aside from cost, why should we be pumping chemicals into our dogs to treat something they may never have when you can simply test for them? You may never have to treat them at all. This simple guide will show you how easy and inexpensive the process is. Continue reading “Worm Testing Your Dog At Home”

Let’s Talk Shit!

The topic of dog fouling seems to be a very common one of late. On Facebook pages and groups, on dog related and non-dog related forums and I seem to be having similar conversations face to face while out walking dogs too. Everywhere I go people are complaining about the amount of dog shit that is littering ou20160210_0615r parks, greenspaces and footpaths, everywhere across the entire borough. But whilst I find the mine-field of dog turds totally disgusting and a very annoying problem in our community, as someone with a keen interest in canine nutrition, what I also see is an epidemic of unhealthy dogs.

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Microchipping – The Hidden Costs and Everything You Need To Know About the New Regulations

From 6th April 2016 it becomes compulsory under the Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015 that all dogs are microchipped. But with only a few months to go before the legislation comes into force there is still much confusion and lack of understanding about the law and particularly the hidden charges that so many people are now beginning to discover. So before you go rushing out to chip your dogs ahead of the legislation deadline, there are a few things you really should know. Here I will explain the new regulations and provide some information about microchipping and some of the hidden costs associated with it. Continue reading “Microchipping – The Hidden Costs and Everything You Need To Know About the New Regulations”

The Importance of Socialising Your Puppy

Dog Barn_0002Socialising your puppy is the process of introducing him to other people, dogs and other animals, ensuring they have plenty of contact. It is the process of learning how to interact, how to behave and how to relate to others. As well as training, socialisation is one of the most important things you can do for your puppy. Continue reading “The Importance of Socialising Your Puppy”

How Do I Stop My Dog Jumping Up At Everyone

Why does my dog jump up at everyone?

There are a number of theories on the exact reason why dogs do this but in a nutshell, dogs will naturally want to jump up on people to greet them simply because that’s how they like to greet, by sniffing and licking our faces.  When we arrive home after being absent, they want our complete attention. Continue reading “How Do I Stop My Dog Jumping Up At Everyone”